RESTAURANT REVIEW Café & Restaurant - “Pod Papugami”

by John

RESTAURANT REVIEW Café & Restaurant - “Pod Papugami”

“Pod Papugami” roughly translates into English as “Under the wings of parrots”. This is the name of -in my opinion- one of the best restaurants in Wrocław, located right in the city centre. I found it while wandering through the market square one day. I stopped, curious about the new breakfast menu. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw that they offered an English Breakfast on the menu –

something which I have been missing terribly since arriving back in Poland six months ago. I rushed inside, excitedly made my way to the counter and politely asked the waitress whether she spoke English. As with practically all young Poles, her English was quite good and, -as is the norm'- myself and the young waitress were easily able to communicate in English.

She seemed happy to get the opportunity to make use of her English skills in a practical setting. Naturally, I ordered the lot - grilled bacon, fried egg, baked beans, two sausages, grilled tomato and bread rolls. The food arrived after 15 minutes,

and I was delighted to find that what I saw on my plate bared an uncanny resemblance to the fried breakfasts my Mother often cooked for me back home in Ireland. 'Just like home' was the thought which immediately crossed my mind as I took my first bite of what turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and delicious meals I have had since arriving in this beautiful city.

I felt tempted to try the American breakfast menu – grilled bacon, fried egg, tomatoes with chives, potatoes and zucchini rosti, a breakfast steak and bread rolls or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. However after some deliberation I decided -for the sake of my waistline and my wallet- I would save the American breakfast experience for another day.

I liked the design of the restaurant – a colourful painting of two parrots, pictures of Marlin Monroe painted on the wall, various posters, little wooden tables and red chairs, arched entrances, big windows – perfect for a romantic date or a meeting with friends.

I enjoyed the music too – a mixture of jazz, soul and blues.

I came back with my friends a couple of weeks later – to enjoy some more interesting tastes.

We tried the grilled goat's cheese, served with tomato, a courgette dressing and salad, traditional Italian carpaccio served on a bed of rocket, with olives, capers, Grana Padano and salmon tartar. All of the starters were amazing!

We also tried the salad with roast turkey, cannelloni stuffed with meat, served with spinach, beef sirloins medallions with gorgonzola sauce and a vegetable layered cake. Poetry!

On the surface, the prices can't be described as cheap – a main course starts from about 40 złoti (roughly ten euro), but when the quality of the food and the high level of service are taken into consideration, Pod Papugami certainly offers value for money.

Pod Papugami is well worth a visit. A comfortable, welcoming and atmospheric restaurant with fabulous cuisine, friendly staff, live music every Wednesday, a place where you can celebrate life, cherish a moment aswell as the ambiance of the surroundings, whilst enjoying a unique dining experience or a glass of wine.

Pod Papugami

Wrocław, Sukiennice 9A

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